Ophelia is currently paired to Kilimanjaro

Ophelia was produced by Paradise Cresties out of Bahamut and Drama King

-Bahamut: Sevachko Exotics' Radioactive x Merlotte

--Merlotte: The Menagerie's Captain x Willow

---Captain: Repashy's production

---Willow: Repashy's production

-Drama King: Mindscape Reptiles' Catarina x Niji Dash

--Catarina: Gecko Daddy's Giselle x unnamed crestie

---Giselle: The Harlequin Hoard's Lucia x Herbie

--Niji Dash: Mindscape Reptiles' Lumina x Inazuma

---Inazuma: Mohammed's yellow pinstripe x dark pinstripe